Improv Everywhere Mutes Noisy New Yorkers [VIDEO]

Improv Everywhere Mutes Noisy New Yorkers [VIDEO]
In what can only be described as every New Yorker’s fevered fantasy, those masters of orchestrated disruption, Improv Everywhere, recently executed a stunt in which an entire mass of city-dwellers briefly went mute. From dogs, to break dancers, to buskers to preachers, Improv Everywher…

My desktop background… Yes, I’m avoiding work. (Taken with instagram)



How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

blog | wadehammes: Setting a Google Map as the Background of your Web Site



So the other day I was Googling ways to “set a Google map as the background of your site” with little luck at all on finding a good solution. So I decided to create one using CSS properties and utilizing the z-index/absolute positioning of elements.

To get an idea of what I did, visit:

INFOGRAPHIC: Which Social Sites Are Best for Which Marketing Outcomes?


Check out the chart below, and in the comments, let us know about your experiences with marketing, CRM, PR and SEO across these various platforms.

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Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques



The Web is 95% typography, or so they say. I think this is a pretty accurate statement: we visit websites largely with the intention of reading. That’s what you’re doing now — reading. With this in mind, does it not stand to reason that your typography should be one of the most considered aspects of your designs?

Unfortunately, for every person who is obsessed with even the tiniest details of typography, a dozen or so people seem to be indifferent. It’s a shame; if you’re going to spend time writing something, don’t you want it to look great and be easy to read?

Simplified Source - Web Dev Blog by Code Clarity: SEO Marketing: Articles and Tools for Success (Part 1 of 3)


Search Engine Optimization has been and will continue to be a hot trend for Web Developers and Designer’s a-like. With the use of Mobile devices such as your basic smartphone and tablet’s such as the iPad, everybody uses the internet and everybody searches the Internet. Our websites need to be…

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